We Offer Guidance on the following:

  • Information on business start-ups, expansion or maintenance
  • Business Plan
  • Financial Planning for your Business
  • Business Counselling
  • Marketing Plans
  • Management Skills
  • Business Viability
  • Applications to financial institutions

Business Services

We can assist in providing you with information on business start-up, expanding or maintaining your business. We provide insight and advice on buying the assets or shares of an existing business or purchasing a franchise.

Business Planning and Counselling

One-on-One planning and counseling services for all aspects of your business, including start-ups, expansion or maintenance. Our staff will assist you to get your ideas and plans out of your head and down on paper into a proper business plan.

Financial Planning

We will assist you with financial planning and forecasting for your business. This includes cash flow forecasts and a three-year projection for your business.

We will work with, and have information on, a variety of federal, provincial and other organization programs.

We are also available if you wish to speak to someone who would be impartial about your business concerns.