Welcome to the Community Futures 16/37 Website

Community Futures 16/37's Mission is to "Promote and support the development of a healthy and diversified community-based, regional economy."

About Community Futures 16/37

Community Futures 16/37 is a federal government initiative founded in 1988 to assist communities with their economic development by providing quality business and support services to entrepreneurs and small business. Community Futures are independent, non-profit Corporations run by a volunteer Board of Directors and supported by staff.

Community Futures 16/37 is involved in lending, leveraging, business counselling, technical assistance, advising and facilitating.

We partner and work with federal/provincial governments, banking communities, potential and existing entrepreneurs, band and tribal councils, municipalities, government agencies and local organizations (such as Northern BC Tourism Association, Chambers of Commerce, local colleges, and all community economic development organizations).

Our region is the largest Community Futures service area in BC and encompasses 15% of the province.

Our office is centrally located in Terrace and services over 36 communities in the northwest region of British Columbia.

Our staff regularly travel to all communities to assist entrepreneurs with their development needs.

Our service area is defined by:

  • The south (Kitimat – Haisla
  • The west (approx. 35 km west of Terrace on Hwy 1                 
  • The east (Moricetown)
  • The north (the Yukon border)                                                                

                                          "The 16/37 Story"

Highway 16 bridges Moricetown to Terrace with Highway 37 from Haisla to the Yukon border and Atlin  - and all the people and communities within - are our valued clients.